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Gelavish Gel Polish is a true LED and UV cured gel polish system that utilizes both patented and patent pending technology.
 Our system boasts a thin, self-leveling, low odor polish that cures in seconds with excellent adhesion. The mirror-like, high gloss,
durable finish won't chip or peel, works on both natural nail and artificial nail enhancements equally as well, and unlike some
others, will cover in one coat! The Gelavish nail, will not lose rich, high gloss deep finish, and when your ready, removes in minutes.
Adorn your finger and toenails, with our rich, vivid colors and experience true 14 day durability with our easy to use gel polish system. 
Gel Brilliance, with a stroke of the brush.


Sales apply: April - June 2012!!! BUY NOW!!!
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